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The cTrader manual trading & charting platform from Spotware Systems provides a stunning user interface together with rich features that will allow a confident trading experience.

The community now has 1000's of indicators and trading robots to download as well as well documented educational material to help both the novice and expert trader.

Every great trading platform should have a great broker and this is no exception with cTrader.
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Full STP Trading

Traders who use the cTrader platform are no longer subjected to market makers or dealing desks as all the trading will now have an increased level of transparency.
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Your Data in Cloud

A secure cTrader ID is used to access all cTrader platforms on the cloud which include desktop, mobile and web across different brokers just by using a single login account.
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24/7 Support

Support is very important when choosing a trading platform and traders have access to support from both their broker and if they have any issues with the trading platform a dedicated community forum.
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Hi-Tech Design

The trading platform was built using the latest technologies which provide a rich user interface and hyper-fast charting capabilities.

Key Platform Features

There desktop version of cTrader provides manual trading as well as creating and running automated trading robots.

Fast Entry and Execution

An important factor is the platform execution quality and speed and your success will depend on how fast the platform can fill orders. The orders with cTrader are filled in just milliseconds and it supports simultaneous order processing where multiple orders can be filled all at once. The good news is that there is no order queue.
cTrader Fast Order Execution

Advanced Charting Features

This is where cTrader beats the competitor's hands down, the charting screens are clean and offer a friendly experience. There are 6 zoom levels for an in-depth or birds-eye view of currency price action. There are many standard indicators to help to predict the future values of currencies. There are also 1000's of additional indicators available at the cTrader community or
cTrader Professional Charts

Depth of Market (DOM)

There are 3 different types of DOM which offer an in depth view of the market, the depth of market shows the full range of executable prices coming directly from liquidity providers. Orders are filled against the full order book using Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP).
cTrader Depth of Market

Advanced Order Protection

Advanced Take Profit can be used to scale out of a position at multiple levels, Stop Loss can be set to break-even and Server Trailing Stops can be used to follow profitable positions. Additional protect can be achieved by using one of the many Add-On products available by 3rd party vendors.
cTrader Advanced Order Types

Create Your Own Trading Robots

You can learn to program your own automated trading robots (cBots) using cTraders built-in development environment or the more advanced Microsoft Visual Studio and C#, there are plenty of tutorials to help you get started and join the other successful traders who are using trading algorithms.
cTrader Algorithmic Trading C#

Backtesting, Optimization and Performance Trade Analyzer

If you are trading with automated trading robots (cBots) or EA's in MT4 then you need a good system to test your cBots in a controlled environment on a demo account before you go live, cTrader provides a backtesting and optimization module to help you achieve this.
cTrader Backtesting & Optimization

Trade Anywhere On Your Mobile

Traders can access their account from literally anywhere, thanks to the cTrader applications for iOS and Android. The platform is available in 22 languages and easy to use.
cTrader Mobile Forex Trading
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cTrader Add-On Trading Tools

You can download 1000's of Add-On tools for the cTrader platform to help you with your trading, these tools are growing at a rapid rate and extend the platform to new boundaries.
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ClickAlgo Trading Tools

Download professional trading tools, indicators and automated trading robots.
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cTrader Developer Network

Visit the cTDN community website where you can download 1000's of trading bots.
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Add-On Video Tutorials

Visit the YouTube channel of ClickAlgo for educational Add-On product tutorials.

What the traders are saying

The cTrader platform has matured into a perfectly balanced professional trading tool with all the features you would expect.

cTrader Education, Help and Support.

cTrader forum

cTDN Community Forum

The cTrader community forum helps traders of all levels and the support staff are excellent.
cTrader education

Algorithmic Trading School

Here you will find in-depth information to help both new and experienced algorithmic traders.
ClickAlgo YouTube

ClickAlgo YouTube Channel

A whole YouTube channel is devoted to educating traders to use their products and general trading.
cTrader help

cTrader Help Center

Here you will find step by step instructions on how to use cTrader platform and its features.
cTrader YouTube

cTrader YouTube Channel

A whole YouTube channel by Spotware who created cTrader is devoted to the platform.
ClickAlgo education

ClickAlgo Knowledge Center

The knowledge center at clickalgo is growing each day and is full of useful information.

Download cTrader Beta today, its free.

If you have just started looking at the cTrader platform, then why not take it for a free test drive for as long as you want and practice trading on a demo account?

cTrader News Pulse

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New features, latest releases, new products.
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cTrader for Windows v3.5 Beta Available for Download Today

New features include a symbol-centric concept and incorporates the Active Symbol Panel which provides a full market overview for a particular symbol.
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cTrader Mobile 3.3 Adds New QuickTrade feature

In its aim to add more trading functionality to its platforms, cTrader Mobile has been updated to version 3.3 that allows traders to create orders in one click directly from the chart in full-screen mode.
Inside Market News

Inside Market News - PR Newswire (March 27, 2019 - 2:00 AM EDT)

Qupital, Hong Kong's largest online, small and medium enterprise (SME) trade financing platform, have announced the completion of their Series A capital raise of USD 15 million.

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